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Moving cultures through

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We are a cultural transformation company.

Our purpose in AllGroup is to build happenings that elevate diverse and tangible cultural expressions into a form of global dialogue by impacting the personal experience.

We are ten companies strong, across fifteen fields. Fostering an innovative environment for experience creation, event management, heritage curation, artistic productions, digital education, museum building, and technologies.

That brings together artists, designers, architects, sound engineers, experience designers, programmers, chefs, data analysts, and much more. Under one goal! To enhance the understanding of the world through the sensory experience of culture. We model human-centric events of societal impact that enhance the expression of cultural identities through various forms of experiences.

Welcome to AllGroup

Let’s experience culture in motion.

Building experiences for People.

We invest in our people’s experience of the world, create inclusive working environments, empower the individual’s role to build cultures of expression based on the value of innovation, intelligence, and extraordinary emotive work.

Building experiences for Clients.

We bring together talented people, creative capabilities, and outstanding production to delivery emotive sensory narratives that result in social impact for our clients.

Building experiences for Societies.

We’re using our creativity, expertise, and technology through relationships of scale to produce vital expressions of identity for our societies to be seen by the world.

Cultural transformation in action

World-class events and how they deliver impactful social experiences for our clients.

“Human-centric experience design sets us apart, and when we empower it with technology and creativity, we turn happenings into platforms of true cultural expressions beyond the borders of languages.”


We create and implement public and private events, entertainment, happenings, and knowledge experiences that bring cultures to life.


We conceptualize, architect, and produce large-scale happenings across all stages to deliver an unparalleled concept to reality workflows.


We leverage cross-disciplinary technologies to manage, engineer solutions and deliver momentum experiences.


AG provides modern, integrated on-ground solutions for entities across events, productions, knowledge, technologies, and management platforms.


We meet our clients’ needs from ideation and conceptualization to the final moments of wrapping up experiences. Our expertise in experience engineering comes from a diverse pool of talent and capabilities orchestrated through specialized companies that can bring any idea to life.


We conceptualize, architect, and produce large-scale happenings across all stages of development to deliver an unparalleled concept to reality workflows. Our comprehensive range of services for events and experiences enables us to produce and deliver on the scale of public events, entertainment and concerts, museums, interactive showcases, and unground management.


We enhance the impact of public and private happenings through technologies and platforms that help manage, execute and empower culturally enriching experiences.


Experiences delivered in Saudi Arabia alone.

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We use the power of individual experiences to empower cultural experiences for global dialogue.

Our solutions

AG’s leading company network across experience, production and technology disciplines.

Designing and creation of show-stopping events

From congresses to large international ceremonies passing via corporate events and live show entertainment, we generate ideas that mobilize audiences across sectors based on deep cultural understandings or global insight.

Consultancy and Management

We facilitate and empower clients with a plug-and-play approach to strategic and operational consultancy for managing large-scale events on clear success metrics.

Communication, Coverage and Hype Creation

We promote and develop communication, building momentum to the event date, coverage during the event, and hype creation in PR with local and global reach.

Turnkey logistics and production solutions

Whether it's a heritage exhibition, niche corporate event, or an ongoing live concert, we specialize in journey creation from conception to wrap-up, underpinned at every stage with state-of-the-art production and logistics.

Venue management and structures.

From architectural wonder to bespoke interior finishes or large-scale venues and tents, we design, engineer, and implement best in-market structures and semi-permanent solutions.

Hybrid and Creative Services.

From hybrid events that link unground with online happenings to digital seminars or live show learning experiences, we blend worlds to creatively tell a story across all barriers of geography and languages.

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Cultural transformation is fueled by individual experiences, that are born from a conscious interaction with social ideas, executed in the form of sensory journeys.

Our companies

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Wayfinding Systems and Digital Experience Company | We make environments better and easy to navigate through innovative, human-centered experience strategy and design.

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Museum, culture and public engagement company | Inspiring the next generation of science and culture champions by engaging local audiences with informal and interactive attractions.

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Food experience company | We turn food into a rich medium of communication and experience to power workshops and facilitate thinking.

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Lightspeed tv

Interactive system | We produce and manage dedicated platforms for interactive virtual training experiences.

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Event production company | We bring venues and happenings to life through end-to end execution services with top of the line equipment.

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Fit-out contractor | We provide design and fabrication of interior spaces to optimize your event standards.

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Theme production company |  We bring ideas to life through material production and industrial engineering capabilities covering various materials and structures.

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Xperience Studio | We create and design unique and comprehensive concepts for unforgettable experiences with lasting impact.



Marketing agency | Creating unique, independent and exceptional brands.


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